About Us

Executive Summary

The Virtual Stone Warehouse is a 22 years of dream with 8 years of continuous creation and development of Founder by Mr GMS Kumar and Co-Founded by Mrs Lisha.

The Virtual Stone Warehouse.com will be set-up to bridge the gap between buyer and seller to facilitate the smooth operation in procurement & sales of stone materials through online. The first time in the stone Industry build with highly secured and traced conversation between suppliers and buyers like one to one and one to many method. The Virtual Stone Warehouse also build with Inventory & Order management, Sending Quote before confirmation, legally binding system etc.,

This will allow The Virtual Stone Warehouse to develop a unique platform to promote global companies to reach UK & Europe customers in extensive way as local and global transaction. Also, this will empower buyers to choose right products direct from sellers and leave their valuable feedback from the following customers and to promote seller’s consistency of supplying quality of good’s as promised. The main aim of The Virtual Stone Warehouse is to improve purchase order efficiency and help customers by reducing Complex, paper based transaction between supplier and Consumer.The Virtual Stone Warehouse provide search a product with keyword as well as possibility of parametric search across suppliers and in-depth product information. The Virtual Stone Warehouse’s has proven management team have over 15 years of experience in exporting & distributing global Stones, customer service, developing, problem solving, risk analysis, professional marketing and consistence of hard work.

Competitive Advantage

The Virtual Stone Warehouse has established presence in UK and Europe. Suppliers have advantage of having direct interaction with buyers. The Virtual Stone Warehouse aiming to connect every members in Stone Industry which include Quarry owners, Manufacturers, Wholesaler, Architects, Main Contractors, Sub-Contractors, fabricators, Council, Government members etc., We are expecting more than one hundred thousand users with 1 million products to access. The Virtual Stone Warehouse expecting to be a Game Changer and Influence decision makers.

Product and Services

The Virtual Stone Warehouse, works with web based application used for the authentication of all consumables. The Virtual Stone Warehouse also aims to provide open enquiry from Buyer’s on products they wish to buy. The principle of application can be extended to any product having crystal clear view to understand by communicating with the sellers through our web portal.

The business starts off with clear description about a product in terms of price and quotes/ samples and user pay standard charge for the product.

From start and End of process completion, Buyers and sellers will be communicated or given notification in every process through The Virtual Stone Warehouse Portal.

The Key of The Virtual Stone Warehouse portal is simple, efficient and user-friendly. To realise this we focus on a simple web interface to access fast and concise query and response time.


  • Single place to search entire stones and stones related goods
  • Enquire before Buying or Selling
  • Discuss or BID
  • Decisions and Directions 




The Virtual Stone Warehouse is a UK and EU based marketplace possesses a wide spectrum for buying and selling stones. Stones are mainstays of construction in world-wide with stones used in varieties and appearance after rebuilt. The Virtual Stone Warehouse theme is to cover the gap between the manufacturers, suppliers & fabricators in the industry that enhances the business at all levels.

The Virtual Stone Warehouse invites Sellers and manufactures wish to establish their products across the nation. Our Aim is to reuse, reduce and recycle before quarrying and manufacturing. At our expanding phase, we would like to support global suppliers to reach UK, Europe, and other countries. The Virtual Stone Warehouse plays a vital role in stone industry to emphasis in presenting the sellers’ product at right price to Europe, UK countries and to globally.

Our Message:
Despite the huge number of dot-com businesses springing up like weeds every year, starting, running and losing. The Virtual Stone Warehouse will be a single place in Stone Industry to start, search, buy or sell with fledgling and dexterous companies
Failing is not a full stop it’s with lot options.

Different from others

  • As The Virtual Stone Warehouse will improve professional way of handling procurement, sales, deliverance even for SME’s and to deal with Corporate Companies & vice versa
  • Build with Escrow payment system
  • Reaching wide consumers in short span
  • Connecting direct decision makers
  • Transparent conversation
  • Clarity of Information in First Instance
  • Clear view
Management Team and Operations:
The Virtual Stone Warehouse has a capable, ambitious and trustworthy management team to monitor the The Virtual Stone Warehouse portal.
  • Balance: The founder may be hired depending on the stage of company’s development and substitutes will be available to avoid the flaws in technical, sales and marketing.
  • Domain- Knowledge: Work in terms of knows our domain in micro and macro level.
  • Experience: The Virtual Stone Warehouse hired the peoples with high expertise in technical background.
  • Ambition: The Virtual Stone Warehouse works in potential to scale and accomplish our goals with capital gains.