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Soapstone is one of the most beautiful natural stones to be found in the earth. Black Soapstone is stylish, robust, and elusive in its beauty quarried from Brazil. Black soapstone creates attractive countertops, waterfall islands, floors, backslashes, and accent walls throughout homes and commercial properties. Soapstone is durable, and easy to maintain, and its natural verdigris just adds to its character over time.

The light grey color can also include bluish and green tones with random markings including veins that can be in ochre, white, beige or a green shade.

Makeover: Soapstone Counter tops

Soapstone is dense and nonporous; it does darken when liquid pools on its surface, but it lightens back up when the liquid evaporates or is cleaned off. It can stand up to acidic materials. It’s heat resistant. By adding oil or wax, the result is a shiny onyx-hued black with a bit more richness.