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Nero Pure Standard is a quartz stone with a solid black base , that brings the classic look of granite to kitchens, bathrooms, flooring and walls through a product with superior performance that is highly resistance to damage under accidental impact, staining whilst cooking or scratches on its work surfaces. Nero Pure Quartz offers an elegant surface material for interiors that require a product that is both practical that blends well with any design. 

Quartz is a stone well known for its semi precious nature and appearance and is thus, quite popular amongst buyers who want to create a look of elegance and sophistication. Quartz Stone is produced with 93 Percentage Natural Quartz and 7 percentage Polymer Resins. We use Granite, Glass Chips, Christobalite, Pigments and Mirror Chips on our surfaces in order to achieve the wide variety of colours and ranges we offer. Quartz is a durable, resilient, non porous, naturally anti bacterial surface that is maintenance free.

Protecting Hard Surfaces

All hard surfaces must & can be cleaned easily with a mild detergent, water, and a soft cloth or paper towel thoroughly soon after usage. Avoid Heating, Chemicals, Sharp or Heavy objects to maintain stain less & scratch free.